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Press Release n.1

July 26th 2012

The importance of forests for the overall health of the planet is a concept that has now been acquired by the public opinion. On this awareness movements and actions to support at various levels the conservation of forests and forest biodiversity have been developed in recent years. The need to intervene in degraded woods recovery and to facilitate a return of deforested lands to forest in order to make room for agriculture and industry seems to be less evident among the people and politicians. The consequences of this neglect are the landslides, floods, manifestations of progressive desertification that annually afflict our country. Academic circles for some time began to talk about forest restoration, but a true point of technical and institutional reference for dealing with the problems of the field in an organic and competent manner was never created.

For these reasons, The Italian Society of Forest Restoration (ISFR) was founded in Viterbo on July 26th 2012, at the Department DAFNE of the University of Tuscia.

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