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Press Release n.1

July 26th 2012

The importance of forests for the overall health of the planet is a concept that has now been acquired by the public opinion. On this awareness movements and actions to support at various levels the conservation of forests and forest biodiversity have been developed in recent years. The need to intervene in degraded woods recovery and to facilitate a return of deforested lands to forest in order to make room for agriculture and industry seems to be less evident among the people and politicians. The consequences of this neglect are the landslides, floods, manifestations of progressive desertification that annually afflict our country. Academic circles for some time began to talk about forest restoration, but a true point of technical and institutional reference for dealing with the problems of the field in an organic and competent manner was never created.

For these reasons, The Italian Society of Forest Restoration (ISFR) was founded in Viterbo on July 26th 2012, at the Department DAFNE of the University of Tuscia.

This scientific society was created by the sensitivity of academics, public officials and private technicians to give a response to forest degradation by creating a place of encounter among free men to compare ideas and share technical and scientific expertise. A place to develop ideas and innovative technologies in the context of forest and environmental restoration and put them to good use at the service of community.

A scientific society and at the same time a structure capable of supporting policy-makers and public and private administrators in their choices. The mission of the society is also to enforce its principles and the technical solutions arising from scientific evidence and to demonstrate their applicability and sustainability, to avoid to remain within the scope of simple intellectual speculation. Moreover, one of the aim of the Society is to become the focal point for students and graduates in environmental and forestry restoration, in particular for those graduated in “Environmental and Forest Restoration and Soil Conservation” (CRAFDS) at the University of Tuscia.

The spirit and practice of the ISFR have their origin in respect for persons, their human, cultural and spiritual dimension.

The purposes of the ISFR are:

- to counteract illegal actions in the forestry system, which represent primary elements of the forest degradation;

- to encourage the application of the principles of forest and environmental restoration;

- to support the quality improvement of the agro-forest landscape.

The founders have elected the first Board of Directors, composed by:

President: Prof. Roberto Mercurio

Vice President: Prof. Bartolomeo Schirone

Secretary: Dr. Rodolfo Picchio

The activity of the ISFR will be monitored and guaranteed by an outside Ethics Committee consisting of people of high scientific and moral profile.

The headquarters of the ISFR is located at the University of Tuscia, Department of Agriculture, Forests, Nature and Energy (DAFNE), Via S. Camillo de Lellis 01100 I-Viterbo.

ISFR website is now under construction. Please contact us at:

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