Italian forest ecosystems are mainly the effect of changes caused by human history. In some cases men modified functional forest systems to satisfy their needs, in some cases becoming the primary cause of degradation, compromising the functionality and ecological stability of forests. As a consequence landslides, floods and progressive desertification occurred, with serious consequences for the quality of life.

Forestrestoration is a priority in the current economic crisis too. It is not a suggestion, it is a social opportunity. It is a better choice if compared to the economic and social costs resulting from the damages of natural disasters.

For these reasons, the 26th July 2012 the Italian Society of Forest Restoration (ISFR) was founded in Viterbo, established in the Department DAFNE,University ofTuscia.

ISRF promotes and participates to scientific research, provides qualified consulting to local administrations about technical and regulatory aspects, and develops approaches for the correct communication and education of forest restoration.

The spirit and the action of the ISFR have their origin in the respect for people, in their human, cultural and spiritual dimension.

The ISFR aims at:

  • showing the illegal or incorrect actions in forest systems, chief causes of forests and environmental degradation;
  • promoting the application of the principles of forestry and environmental restoration;
  • promoting biodiversity conservation and sustainable management of forest resources;
  • supporting the improvement of the quality of the forest and agricultural landscape.